2014 Fuller Challenge Winner: SCAPE’s ‘Living Breakwaters’

View SCAPE’s video of the project here

Impact Design Hub’s Press Release:

2014 Fuller Challenge Winner Announced


The Buckminster Fuller Institute has announced SCAPE‘s climate change adaptation and community development project ‘Living Breakwaters‘ as the winner of the 2014 Fuller Challenge. Living up to Fuller’s work as a ‘comprehensive anticipatory design scientist,’ the winning project aims to utilize engineering, ecology, and education to restore livelihoods to the community of Tottenville in Staten Island, New York–a place hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. The $100,000 cash award will be presented to the ‘Living Breakwaters’ team during a celebration at The Wythe in Brooklyn, New York, on November 20, 2014.

Living Breakwaters is a comprehensive design for coastal resiliency along the Northeastern Seaboard of the United States and beyond. This approach to climate change adaptation and flood mitigation includes the deployment of innovative, layered ecologically-engineered breakwaters, the strengthening of biodiversity and coastal habitats through “reef streets”, the nurturing and resuscitation of fisheries and historic livelihoods, and deep community engagement through diverse partnerships and innovative educational programs.

Click here to learn more about 2014 Fuller Challenge Winner Living Breakwaters, online at BFI.org.

Check out the original post here


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